MOSAICO HIDRAULICO - ENCAUSTIC TILES, also known as cement tiles, are made up of three layers:

The top layer is a mixture of white marble dust, fine white cement and various natural oxides. The middle and bottom layers are of sand and cement, the middle being of a finer, smoother grade. This mix of materials and grades creates a very strong, stable tile able to bear the weight and traffic experienced by any domestic environment and some light industrial situations. Traditionally mosaico have been used in bars, cafes, shops and domestic settings throughout southern Europe and northern Africa as well as extensively in the southern and central America's. The history of 'mosaico' tiles dates back approximately three hundred years giving us considerable evidence of their longevity and durability.


My tiles are made by hand, one at a time in the workshops of Artevida, in the Alentejo region of Portugal. One of the few cement tile makers left in Europe, Artevida uses the highest quality European materials and natural oxides whenever possible, giving them their deep and soft velvety colours.

Once made they need a minimum of 3 weeks to dry in the sun and wind of this wild ancient region. The weather will subtly affect the colours, and, over time depending on the oils, waxes or polishes used in their maintenance, they will gain a deep patina. 

Mosaico Hidraulico are suitable for most architectural interior or exterior applications, including ‘wetrooms’ (if the tiles are finished with the correct products, see Artevida’s technical page for recommendations).

The tiles are 20x20cm and available in two thicknesses, 14mm for walls, 16mm for floors.

I recommend Lithofin MN Stain Stop for sealing. Lithofin also supply a range of products for maintenance and specialist cleaning.


You are welcome to order directly from the designs shown in the mosaico slideshow or we can discuss the various levels I can be involved in your project: from production of pattern maps for your tiler to follow, to having a unique design made for site specific installation. Please get in touch for more information and prices.


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